4000th American Military Death in Iraq: Candelight Vigil at Civic Center, 7PM Monday

From Bill Schwalb, of Veterans for Peace, San Francisco:

Late [Sunday] afternoon, we hit 4,000 US military deaths in Iraq. Tomorrow
we will need a lot of people to be at SF Civic Center at 7 PM -We're
assembling a small group to do the early work at 5 PM.

It's going to be a solemn event, no banners/posters save those of VFP,
its affiliated American Legion Post 315 and other Posts along with a
board with all the casualties in Iraq. We have planned to read the
1,000 names since the "Ties to Remember" reading that took place
January 1, 2007.

At the begining we will give time to people who have lost loved ones,
words from clergy and the lighting of candles. I found out that Father Louie
Vitale is nursing a broken shoulder so he won't be available.