40 states make deal with Craigslist to crack down on ads for prostitution

This story was sent to you by: Ron Getty

Dear All

If you happen to be person who posts sex worker ads on Craigslist you may have to jump through some hoops. Ooops - let's be careful out there in internet land. See the story.

Ron Getty

The real change here is that they have just started charging $5 a shot to post in the "erotic services" category, which like most of their listings has always been free. I've long suspected that the free erotic services listings might be too good to last, and that once Craigslist had attracted a strong regular user base, it would start trying to collect a share of the money being transacted. It is a real bummer that our community is losing this free market; hopefully new free alternative online meeting places will crop up to replace it. Thanks for posting, Ron.

Love & Liberty,
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