33) Prophets or Quislings: The choice for libertarians

Classically Liberal
by CLS

"Today there are two major political battles taking place in the
cultural arena. One is gay marriage and the other is our war on
immigrants. And while many good libertarians are working to establish
equality before the law for gays, and stop the war on peaceful
immigrants, far too many libertarians are on the wrong side. Just as
libertarians left Viet Nam, the draft and civil rights to the Left we
are leaving marriage equality and immigration to the Left today. Some
just aren't involved because the issues don't touch them directly.
They aren't gay; they aren't immigrants, so why worry? Instead they
may continue to fight for gun rights, a battle that is largely won in
fact. One reason libertarianism is often seen as heartless is that
libertarians are too often absent when assaults on people take place.
They are afraid to stand up to the mob." (02/22/09)


That article lacked a but if nuance don't you think.

I'm all for Gay Marriage, but I think it's silly that the state is
sanctioning marriage in the first place. There will never be Gay Marriage
in the Catholic Church...........

I'm all for immigration

but what the article does not say is that is that we also are required to

Pay for illegal immigrants welfare
Pay for their incarceration
Pay for their or their childrens healthcare
Pay for their childrens education
Pay Pay Pay Pay Pay

and on and on and on

If you can come to this country and carry your own water.........by all
means come on.