3-D Nolan Chart?

  To illustrate: In the libertarian movement, there are
anarcho-capitalists who in political terms are nearly off the Nolan
chart in their libertarianism, yet on a personal level they may be
quite straightlaced. On the opposite extreme of this dimension, you
find lots of people who are culturally alternative, hedonistic,
nonconformist, etc.

I think some caution needs to be used when putting these terms in the
same basket. For example, if you are in a hedonistic society, it may be
*conformist* to be hedonistic.

  I know "conformist" is a term whose meaning varies depending on the
context. The list below is only a very rough stab at laying out some
ideas. But I don't blame you for reminding me.

Likewise, you may see culture as being to economically left and
therefore see a pro-free-market perspective as being the
"non-conformist" one. But it's not difficult to find people would see
the opposite bias in our culture and therefore see a pro-free-market
perspective as the conformist one. (I've met many such people)

  I'm not assuming "non-conformist" would be in the same grouping with
pro-free-market. Remember I'm postulating this as an entirely separate
axis, with libertarians and statists to be found on both the mainstream
and alternative poles of the axis.

conformist non-conformist
strong work ethic hedonistic
rule-oriented vibe-oriented
logical intuitive
risk-averse risk-friendly
monogamous polyamorous
practical/value functionality artistic/value style
comfortable with hierarchy uncomfortable with hierarchy
order chaos
unaware of this axis aware of this axis

It sounds like you're trying to combine a political test with a
personality test. If so, you could take the four dimensions of the
Keirsey temperaments (which use many of the terms you use above) and
add the two dimensions of the Nolan chart for social and economic
freedom. What would be the potential uses for such a chart?

  Very sound criticism! You may well be right that what I'm getting at
is nothing more than a poor rendering of something like a Kiersey-Bates
analysis of personality types. Though I feel perhaps there is some
merit in the idea of a single personal preference axis related to the
cultural spectrum of culture to counterculture. Could also describe it
as the old Apollonian/Dionysian split.

Yours in liberty,
              <<< Starchild >>>

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