28) Take the A-train

Rad Geek People's Daily

by Rad Geek

"Back in 1974, the newly-formed Libertarian Party adopted what's now

called the Dallas Accord. The Dallas Accord was intended to make the

LP platform compatible with both minarchism and anarchism by keeping

the LP officially silent on whether or not governments should exist,

in the end; hence the platform focused mainly on what ought to be

repealed, and where it suggested any positive action by some level of

government, it qualified the plank with conditional phrases like Where

governments exist, ...." I think that it was foolish for anarchists to

sign on to the Dallas Accord. Partly because I'm a self-righteous

ultra and I dislike that kind of calculated compromise in the name of

political expediency. But also because of the very practical effect

that it has had in constricting the range of subjects that market

anarchists are willing to talk about or work on over the past three

decades." (01/25/08)