25) "We're in deep trouble ..."

The Life of the Party, part 8
    Rational Review
    by Thomas L. Knapp

"According to the FEC, political fundraising by the two 'major'
parties went up, not down, in the 2002 election cycle compared to the
2000 election cycle. Up to the tune of 12% in federal and 21% in non-
federal fundraising. And, also according to the FEC, so far in the
2004 election cycle, the two 'major' parties have increased their
fundraising over the 2000 presidential election cycle by an
incredible 109% (Republicans) and 48% (Democrats). ... the other
political parties are taking in money hand over fist, faster than
they've ever taken it in before. The national LP organization's
problem is not some kind of inexplicable downward trend in political
contributions ..." (09/24/03)