25) San Francisco: Medical marijuana catch-22 (from Rational Review News Digest)

San Francisco Chronicle

"Federal drug agents who want to crack down on marijuana use in San
Francisco, medical or otherwise, say the city's plan to regulate the
drug may give law enforcement what it needs to do its job: a paper
trail. Documents such as business permits, licenses and financial
records do not exist at many of the 43 known pot clubs in San
Francisco. But new city regulations -- including some proposed last
week by Mayor Gavin Newsom -- could force clubs to begin keeping such
records. 'Yes, we can subpoena documents,' said Lawrence Mendosa,
assistant special agent in charge for the San Francisco Field Division
of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Those documents would assist
federal agents in mapping the infrastructure of the marijuana
distribution system in the city, he said." (04/25/05)