23) Elusive libertarians

National Review

by John Zogby and Zeljka Buturovic

"A number of commentators have recently taken up the notion that
libertarianism has become a significant force in contemporary American
politics. This conviction is partly based on the assumption that, by
being different from both liberals and conservatives, libertarians can
enter coalitions with both, thus boosting their political power beyond
their numbers. ... On the face of it, this is not an unreasonable
argument. However, our polling data at Zogby International indicate that
libertarianism does not play as significant a role as the media hype
would suggest." (02/18/10)


Hi Mike,

Thank you for the article! Excellent exposition! I found especially interesting the comment that the libertarian view is too complex for most folks to deal with. Perhaps, but I feel that Libertarians are not effective in making the complexity more easily digestible. The reason anyone is talking about libertarianism at all, I believe, is because Ron Paul was effective. But Ron Paul, and Tea Parties, present the fiscal side of libertarianism. We are not doing a good job, I think, pointing that fiscal and individual liberties are connected.