22 April Taking Human Action* ProTest & Celebration of What Freedom Looks Like!

Next weekend is the #EarthDay #WNBRsf2023 Public ProTest ( for ANY CAUSE You care to represent*, #BareAsYouDare, as We take a stand at City Hall for @sfBos(ses) & @LondonBreed ) to gain Public Support for the Causes & Values We hold dear. #WNBRusa2023 events have reached their largest city-representation ever this year ( See Full WNBR :us:USA :us: Calendar at the bottom of this post ).

11am Gathering
12pm/Noon START
Saturday 22 April 2023
Rincon “Cupid’s Arrow” Park
The Embarcadero & Folsom Street
( The Ride clocks at about 2hrs with a few photo-op/protest stops with NO STEEP HILLS ).

*Come Out Full Clothed or #BareAsYouDare & Use/Put Your Body & BodyPaint on the line with or without Signs to give some public exposure to Any Cause You hold dear to Your heart.

#WNBR rides were originally an organic grassroots tool & strategy to ( in a censored US media vacuum* ) give exposure to Overwhelming Real Public Outrage over the continued expansion of the #USgovt war/terrorist empire ( *which has reached unprecedented jaw-dropping proportions today that would make Caesars, Imperial Chinese, Htl/Nzs, & Romanov tsars blush — *because even halfwit heads at Pravda & J.Goebbels never dreamed of having absolute govt control over a media machine à la ABC/CBS/CNN/MS-NBC/PBS/facesmack/instagram/flickr/tumblr/¿you?tube/hollywood/teevee/xbox/SnewsPapers, twitter, etc. ).

Hence, We Use Our Bodies & Our Wits & Smiles ( since “honey is more attractive than vinegar” ) to promote public support & awareness — with great success.

There is tremendous support out on the street for those of Us willing & bold enough to stand on Our Principles & Peacefully ( with malice or violence towards nobody ) Represent Our Values. Using the #WNBR is not simply a ProTest against dusty excessive unConstitutional codes/laws à la MPC§154 ( which purportedly bans Public Nudism — YET, NO case has ever seen a trial or hearing in SF because NO Judge, whose comfy leathery life•time bench seat rest on reasonable Constitutional decisions, cares or dares to risk that lifetime Salary ( stolen from ALL taxpayers ) for sitting on their asses, over something so easily overturned on appeal ).

So, as a voice for freedom, if You want to Support SexWorkers ( @starchildsf ? ); #1stAmendment, The #USgovt Constitution as a primary-school low baseline for Liberty, deRegulation; promoting the *13-14 May 2023 “Decentralized Revolution” “Taking Human Action” on free speech, peace & anti-war, Austrian Economics, nullification & decentralization & gun rights; Real Public/Traffic Safety for ALL on SF Streets; Adoption over Abortion; the VOLUNTARIST right for small businesses to make their own rules & serve the public ( & Nudists/Naturists ) & their interests without #USgovt mandates & over•regulation & bully/shaming; John Stuart Mill, Mises, Rothbard, or any Principled LP Candidate running in 2023/2024; Self-Defense — feel FREE to use this event to broadcast Your Message & Goals to SF City officials & The General Public — since @SFgate / @sfchronicle, @abc7newsbayarea, cbs @KPIXtv, @nbcbayarea & interweb censors are NOT likely to ever give you a free front page or prime time spot to gain support for ANY Libertarian Solution to such a broad audience.

Again, Come Out & Ride Fully Clothed if You Prefer ( or #BareAsYouDare ), #WNBR #WNBRusa2023 #WNBRsf2023 events do not discriminate against Any•Body.