130 to 190 million manufactured "criminals" -- are you one of them?

The International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM) reports that,

"According to the world report on drugs by the United Nations
Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) cannabis remains the
world's most widely produced and used 'illicit' [quotes added]
substance: it is grown in almost all countries of the world, and is
smoked by 130-190 million people at least once a year.
Afghanistan is now the world's leading producer of cannabis
resin (as well as opium)."

(Source: Press release by UNODC of 23 June 2010)

  Could maintaining the failed crusade known as the "War on Drugs" by going after Afghanistan's cannabis (hashish) and opium production be an unstated reason for the Obama administration's desire to continue its involvement in the war in that country?

  Thanks to Richard Muller for forwarding the story.

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"Cannabinoid"? I would have a difficult time finding that word in my Funk & Wagnalls. I forget where I read/heard recently, there are no producers without users. So, if users wish to use, good market for producers or sellers. And the way the real economy is going, "cannabinoids" might be the only real product in the market.