11 Days Until Election Day: Will You Help Get Out the Vote?

October 26, 2007

              From the Desk of Volunteer Coordinator Elizabeth Brooks:
              Dear Libertarian,

              As you may know, this is a critical time of year for the Libertarian Party. The main objective of the Libertarian Party is to get Libertarian candidates elected to office!

              On November 6, 2007, we have the opportunity to do exactly that. There will be state legislative elections, citizen initiatives, and a variety of local offices on the ballot. We must ensure that our candidates are successful this year!

              One of the easiest ways to do so is to use our most efficient tool for helping Libertarian candidates: LP Ballot Base.

              Ballot Base is an electronic "get-out-the-vote" program even better than the ones used by the Democrats and Republicans, because Ballot Base allows Libertarian activists to promote their candidates from home!

              As valuable as Ballot Base is, it's useless without your help!

              Using Ballot Base is simple. Go to www.ballotbase.org and click the "Register" tab. You will receive a personal phone call from me after you register so that I can train you on how to use the system and validate your registration.

              After your registration is validated, beginning Monday, October 29, you will be able to sign up for teams to help our 20 enthusiastic candidates. Once you've picked a team, you'll receive a custom calling script for each call you make. Ballot Base scrolls through the phone numbers of registered voters in a candidate's voting district, displaying each phone number on your monitor. You simply call and follow the script!

              Easy, right?

              But it can't be effective without dedicated members like you willing to put in the time and energy to use it!

              If you were part of the Ballot Base effort last year, you know how useful this system is for getting our candidates closer to their goals. You may also remember the great prizes we gave away to reward our top callers!

              This year, all callers who place 100 or more calls will receive a free copy of respected LP activist and two-time Presidential candidate Harry Browne's Why Government Doesn't Work. The Top 10 callers will receive $25 gift certificates to LPStuff.com. Our Top Caller will receive a $100 gift certificate to LPStuff.com! You'll be able to track in real time who's at the front of the pack!
              If you have not done so, please log-on to www.ballotbase.org today and register to be a caller. Your Party and your candidates desperately need your time and talent! Looking toward next year's presidential election, the Libertarian Party has to show America our principled candidates' dedication to smaller government, lower taxes, and more freedom! Log-on to Ballot Base today to do your part in getting out the vote for liberty!

              Yours In Liberty,

              Elizabeth Brooks
              Volunteer Coordinator
              Libertarian National Committee