10 Commandments

Dear Brian,

First, I'd like to make sure it is clear that I'm not attempting to
aggressively evangelize members of this list. I'm not even bringing this
subject up. I'm responding to comments made by others and simply
disagreeing. I don't like arguing with friends nor do I want to
demonstrate any disrespect for them even if we disagree. That's not what
Love and friendship is all about. While I don't know you, I do know
others many others on this list and Steve particularly. We've had lunch
together and I personally like him. Maybe we'll develop the same feeling
if we get to know each other.

All I can say is that I've had experiences that have shaped my views.
There is plenty of support for any position one wants to take and I
respect your ability to make choices about your life and accept the
consequences. Once again, I'm glad that you take the subject seriously
as you should. That is better than an unexamined life but not enough to
be saved. Still, that's your choice and I won't and can't pass judgment
on you as that's not my job.

You said 'P.S. If your deity is truly worried about whether you use
ASCII 95 vs. ASCII 111 for the middle letter of the word 'God', you
might consider upgrading to a deity with a little more poise and
self-esteem. :-)"

I use this traditional respectful form as a way of expressing the truth
that the Lord cannot be summarized in words as words themselves divide
and categorize. The Deity is beyond categorization. As you have
associated self-esteem as a sentiment of value here, I suggest you read
the section on self-esteem on Dr. Michael Edelstein's excellent website.


Best wishes and I look forward to seeing you in person at some of our
meetings and especially at the Pride parade. Which training session will
you be attending? Perhaps I can meet you there.

Best regards,

Michael Denny

Mike Denny wrote:

I'm not attempting to aggressively evangelize
members of this list.

Me either. My response is available on my blog, where I will post any

Brian Holtz
LP candidate for Congress, CA14 (Silicon Valley)