YouTube Censors (Deletes) Major Anti-Obama Channel

You've all seen at least one of these, Mark Dice's man-on-the-street gigs asking people questions or to sign a petition or whatever and in the process demonstrating how woefully uninformed Obama supporters are. Well, guess what, they have all been taken down by YouTube.

While I don't always like the way Google/YouTube operate, in this case I suspect the action was taken because they are afraid of being sued (perhaps even were already threatened with legal action) by one or more of the people who were interviewed by Dice and made to look like idiots. I have mixed feelings about it. Freedom of speech and the press is not to be interfered with lightly. On the other hand, if somebody does what amounts to an ambush interview of you designed to make you look dumb, when you are not a public figure or government employee on the job or anything, and puts it online for the world to see without your consent, should you have no recourse? I can see both sides of the argument. But certainly Google/YouTube are well within their legal rights as a business to decide they don't want to host it, unless they've made some guarantee to the contrary (which I'm sure they haven't, given how unfairly one-sided the terms of service that sites like that make users agree to usually are).

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                                 ((( starchild )))


Actually, I do agree that YouTube has the right, as a private enterprise, to choose not to host any channel. The more they do that the more they create a niche for a competitor to fill, and in that way the free market system has all of the checks and balances we need. In the meantime, the public has the right to comment on YouTube's choices, and they have indeed done so, in spades.

My GREATEST fear is that there is some Administration/police state pressure being placed on YouTube. THAT is INTOLERABLE in a free society.