Your Tax Dollars At Work

Dear Everyone;

California isn't the only state around with the legislature finding
some fun-filled ways to spend your tax money.

Take a look at the New Mexico State Investment Council which is
charged with investing funds in New Mexico businesses. The $200
million fund uses interest accumulated from the state's Permanent
Fund to directly invest, much like a venture capital firm would,
into New Mexico companies. It was approved by the state Legislature
this year.

The most recent use of the fund interest is a $7.5 million loan to a
film company starring Kim Basinger in a black-comedy film " Elvis
Has Left the Building ". It's about a cosmetics saleswoman who
travels to Las Vegas from Memphis, Tenn., leaving behind a trail of
dead Elvis impersonators. It is to be mainly filmed in New Mexico.

Here's a state owned fund generating some $200 million in interest
and the state legislators decided the best way to use the money
wasn't to reduce taxes by $200 million? Give a tax refund? Use the
funds to reduce next years taxes? Nope! Let's just sprinkle your tax
money around to selected businesses. Why should the tax payers

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian