Your Tax Dollars At Work - Too Bad About Personal Privacy

Dear Everyone;

The latest airline security screening measures will require the
airlines or an airline to turnover passenger date for testing. If
the airlines won't do so voluntarily the government is going to take
the data by force. See the article below.

Once in place, the green - yellow - red, passenger screening system
will pick up maybe 3 - 4% for a yellow extra security check and a
lower percent for red - can not fly.

The total number of US airline passengers is about 750 million. Yes
that's right 750 million. Obviously there's a lot of frequent
flyers. Cut the figures to eliminate the frequent fliers. Say there
are 50 million individual fliers. Let's see what happens with a
small percentage error rate.

Let's say there is an error rate of only 1/10 of 1% of all fliers.
This means 50,000 people mis-identified as a terrorist for extra
screening or can not fly. How would you like to be one of the mis-
identified 50,000?

Let's suppose only 1/10 of 1% of those mis-identified gets so
enraged they become terrorists. That's 50 new terrorists created by
the government. Look what domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh did in
Oklahoma City. Now think of 50 of those kind of nuts running around.

Your tax dollars at work doing good for you and the USA.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian