Your Tax Dollars At Work - Federal Income vs. Private Income

Dear Everyone;
  This article says it all:
    Fatter Paychecks for the Feds
If you�re a federal employee, your salary went up last month. The average fed now earns $63,125 a year. But 2006 may mark the end of the annual across-the-board raise that has been a staple of the federal system for decades. Workers already get raises based on where they live. (Federal employees in the Washington, D.C., area�which has a high cost of living�now make an average of $80,425.) And more federal agencies are moving to lump-sum bonuses or merit pay.
  Compare this to the national average median household income of $45,000. What's wrong with this picture???
  For comparison purposes in San Francisco the average City employee receives some $80,000 the average private industry worker receives some $50,000.
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian