Your campaign / Another idea

Hi Chicken,

  Wanted to say congratulations on your run for mayor, even if you did not do quite as well as hoped. While I would have loved to see more libertarian ideas from your campaign, you nevertheless got my top vote. Both the zombie attack at the mayoral debate and the "give me your #2" sign on the porta-potty truck provided for the ruined Castro Halloween party gave me some good laughs. I left you a short comical note on the truck late Halloween night, by the way, but when I went by the next morning it was gone while the truck was still there, so I suspect you never saw it. I also noticed to my anger and disgust that the bastards had given you a parking ticket. You were clearly providing a public service, and should not have been penalized for it, but that is entirely typical of how government operates like a giant leech on the community.

  Do you have any further political plans? Thinking back on the music and visuals you used to accompany your debate with Josh Wolf, I had an idea the other day for a ballot initiative which I thought might interest you, namely passing a law allowing people making public comments at Board of Supervisors meetings and other government hearings to accompany their comments with music and/or visuals if desired, which could be either performed live or pre-recorded. I think this seemingly insignificant change to the political process could, by subtly changing the culture of City Hall, actually end up having quite a significant impact. Countercultural and artistic-oriented people who never paid attention to these meetings before, or tended to avoid them as likely to bore them to tears, might suddenly come to see them as opportunities for creativity and fun and turn into regular participants.

  The next few years are a good time for ballot initiatives in San Francisco, since the number of signatures needed to put a measure on the ballot is based on the number of people who voted in the last mayoral election, and will hence be reduced due to this month's low voter turnout. Please let me know if the above idea is of any interest to you.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

"Boredom is counter-revolutionary. Always."