Your breaking the story of how unaccountable judges risklessly abuse their power and the role of desperate presidential candidates in publicizing it

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how unaccountable judges risklessly abuse their power to
run a bankruptcy fraud scheme, conceal assets, launder money, and
dispose of cases without reading briefs; and
the role that desperate presidential candidates
can play in publicizing it to
the huge untapped and leaderless voting bloc of
The Dissatisfied with the Judicial and Legal System By Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England
M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School
D.E.A., La Sorbonne, ParisJudicial Discipline Reform
New York City , DrRCordero@... , CorderoRic@... Dear Reporter/Journalist, Assigning Editor, Publisher, and Advocates of Honest Judiciaries,
1. This is a proposal for you, your assigningeditor, and your publisher to break the story of: a. how federal judges abuse their enormous power –withwhich a single one of them can suspend nationwide an executive order of the President,and determine suits between Congress and the Executive– to ensure their unaccountabilitythrough their retaliatory means and opportunity, and thereby risklessly run abankruptcy fraud scheme, conceal assets, and launder money; and b. how unaccountable judges abuse for their convenienceand gain the parties to the more than 50 million lawsuits that are filed in thestate and federal courts every year(*>jur:8fn4,5),to whom must be added the parties to the scores of millions of suits that arepending or deemed to have been wrongly or wrongfully decided, which hasgenerated the huge untapped and leaderless voting bloc of The Dissatisfied withthe Judicial and Legal System. 2. It is all the more opportune to break this story duringthe current presidential campaign with its overcrowded field of 23 candidates,each of whom is desperate for an attention-grabbing issue, donations, higherpoll ratings, and qualification for the next presidential debate in September. Desperatepeople do desperate things to survive. They would vie to become the leader ofThe Dissatisfied.
a. We the People are the only entity strong enough to forcepoliticians to denounce judges and legislate to hold them accountable for theirperformance and liable to compensate the victims of their abuse. The People’s strength is particularly highduring a presidential campaign with such a crowded field of candidates.
b. It is pertinent to point to the news reported on August 13that 'Democratic senators andpresidential candidates threatened the Supreme Court with “packing” it [byincreasing the current number of 9 justices with the addition of 6 partisanones] if it does not make itsapplication of the Second Amendment more restrictive’. This news lendscredibility to the herein applied premise: Politicians will take on judges ifthey stand to gain more by so doing than what they stand to lose due to thejudges’ retaliation. c. The words of judges that have held priests, Hollywood VIPs,stellar financiers, and other sexual abusers accountable for their commissionof abuse and its cover-up, and liable to their victims can be turned againstthem, especially now that several state Lookback Laws allow sexual abusees tofile suit for damages regardless of the statute of limitations. 3. Desperate candidates and a national MeToo! public intolerant of any form ofabuse would become the most potent loudspeakers and fomenters of a Weinstein/Epstein-likegeneralized media investigation of the story of unaccountable judges’ risklessabuse of power. Scandal sells…and leads to Pulitzer Prizes. 4. This time you, your assigning editor, and yourpublisher can set off a scandal that brings down, not just one top officer, asonce Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, editor Benjamin Bradlee, and publisher Katherine Graham didPresident Nixon during the Watergate scandal, but rather a whole branch, the Federal Judiciary. It hasinstitutionalized abuse as its modus operandi to become the Safe Haven of AbusiveJudges Above the state. 5. This prospect is all the more realistic ifpresidential candidates and other politicians support in their own electoral interesta nationwide call for parties to cases filed in the same court to jointlydemand the refund of filing fees and compensation for the $1Ks and even $10Ks(†>OL2:760) that each party had to spend to producethe brief required by judges, who nevertheless know that they do not read thevast majority of briefs(†>OL2:546¶¶4-5). Instead, judges dump the corresponding case out of their caseload by having theirclerks rubberstamp a 5¢ dumping formwith no reference to the facts or law of the case and only one operative wordthat conveniently maintains the status quo: “affirmed”or “denied”. 6. In pursuit of this story, I am proposing to you: a. one(†>OL2:938, 781, 760)or a series(†>OL2:719§C) of articles exposing judges’ abusebased on official, public, and verifiable documents discussed in my two-volumestudy* †of judges and their judiciaries, titled and downloadable thus: Exposing Judges' Unaccountability and
Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing:
Pioneering the news and publishing field of
judicial unaccountability reporting* † * Volume 1: >all prefixes:page#up to prefix OL:page393 † Volume 2: >from page OL2:394 1) Download the volume files usingMS Edge, Firefox, or Chrome; it may happen that Internet Explorer onlydownloads a blank page. 2) Open the downloaded files usingAdobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free at

3) In each downloaded file, go to the Menu bar >View >NavigationPanels >Bookmarks panel and use its bookmarks, which make navigating to thecontents' numerous(* †>blue references) very easy.
b. a plan for joint journalistic investigation of stories ofabuse by sitting Supreme Court justices: 1) J. Sotomayor(*>jur:xxxv-xxxviii; *>OL:194§E) 2) J. Gorsuch(†>OL2:548, 546¶¶4-5) 3) J. Kavanaugh(†>OL2:748) 4) Chief JusticeRoberts(†>OL2:918; from complaint to denial at ) 5) the otherjustices have condoned their conduct and engaged in it too(*>jur:10-14, 71§§4-6, 102§a). 7. After reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey of The New York Times and Journalist Ronan Farrow writing for The New Yorker informed the public on October 5 and 10, 2017, respectively, about Harvey Weinstein'ssexual abuse, the MeToo! movement erupted and transformed society here and abroad overnight(OL2:943§B). 8. Likewise, informing the national public about,and outraging it at, unaccountable judges' riskless abuse of power can have atransformative impact on the judicial and legal system(†>OL2:944§C).

9. Doing so during this currentpresidential campaign is part(OL2:915§C) of anout-of-court strategy(OL2:873) to form anational civic single-issue movement for judicial abuse exposure(OL2:938), redress(OL2:860¶c), and reform(*>jur:158§§6-8). Itcould lead to the first time in history when We the People, the masters of all public servants, hold ourjudicial public servants accountable and liable.

10. You can be a driving force of it, for your reporting can result in a development with far reaching consequences, to wit, the insertion of the issue of unaccountable judges' riskless abuse of power in the campaign and thereafter in the national discourse(*>jur:167fn293). If so, not only the qualifications of a judicial candidate would continue to be a matter of public scrutiny during his or her nomination and confirmation, but also something would start that is substantially more important for 'government, not of men and women, but under the rule of law'(*>OL:5fn6): the performance of judges, subjected to accountability and liability by the only entity independent enough to do so reliably, that is, We the People.
11. Therefore, I respectfully propose that youcontact me to discuss this proposal. 12. I offer to present this proposal, including thearticles, the stories, and the strategy, to you and your assigning editor,publisher, and guests at a video conference or, if all my expenses are paid, inperson. Thus, you may share and post this email as widely as you see fit. Ilook forward to hearing from you.

13. Your effort counts. It is appreciated. It can resultin your being nationally recognized by a grateful People as one of their Champions of Justice. Visit the website at,
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Judicial Discipline Reform
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