Your article in today's Examiner "SF hits goal for carbon emissions"

Hi Erin,

  I just read your article on p. 7 of today's Examiner, and I am concerned that it does not include any countervailing information to balance Mayor Newsom's feel-good spin on reducing carbon emissions in San Francisco. For instance, many scientists question whether human-released carbon dioxide is really contributing to global warming, raising doubts about whether it is even desirable to try to meet the Kyoto Protocol targets. And in fact current data indicate the earth is no longer getting warmer, and has in fact been getting *cooler* the past few years. The environment will not benefit if energy and resources are being misdirected toward "fixing" non-existent problems so that politicians can look like they are doing something!

  Are you familiar with this Science & Public Policy Institute report on ClimateGate scandal and other issues related to the global warming scare? Highly recommended reading! If you are ever writing a story about climate issues or for that matter any topic where you need to balance statist views from other sources, please don't hesitate to give me a call! I'm always happy to either give you a quote or try to refer you to someone with more knowledge of a particular subject.

  I look forward to your response and hearing your thoughts. Have a great day!

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))
               Candidate for Supervisor, District 8