You are invited to the opening of the Northern California Ron Paul 2012 Headquarters Office this Friday at 7pm

Greetings San Francisco Ron Paul Supporters!

It's Official! The Northern California Ron Paul 2012 Headquarters Office Is
Now Open!

Yes, that's correct! The doors are open, the signs are up and all we need
now is

Ron Paul Supporters like yourself to make it complete! The Headquarters
Opening Party is:

This Friday April, 27th

7 PM to 10PM at the office

417 Grand Avenue

South San Francisco, Ca

Sign up for free at

If you happen to have any extra office materials to contribute, such as
staplers, staples, rubber bands, pens, tape, reams of paper, clipboards, any
extra tables and chairs you may have, refrigerator, - as well as stacks of
voter registration
forms from your local post office and library - it would be very helpful to
all of our efforts!

Food will be provided, but if you can bring a six pack or two of your
favorite drinks to share with others that would also be great!

Any donation$ that you can make will also help our cause........The Cause of

Special Guest:

John Dennis

Ron Paul endorsed Congressional Candidate

from San Francisco CD 12 and

Challenger of the Nancy Pelosi machine
Will be there to meet fellow Supporters of Liberty!

More info can be found at

Sign up for free and RSVP or just come on down on Friday evening and

Most of all, Bring your Enthusiasm and Love of Liberty!

I just wanted to remind all of you how important our efforts at
tables,canvassing and phone banking in our new office is, our campaign has
been picking up momentum since Santorum dropped out with new victories in
Colorado with 60% delegates, Iowa with 80% delegates, and majority of wins
in Minnesota! We're continuing to win the ground battles as they come while
looking for big gains in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky,
Texas, and of course the big prize, California! AND YOU CAN HELP WITH
............................MOMENTUM IS BUILDING!.......................

The office will be open 7 days a week for phone banking and material
preparations,so come on down and get acquainted this Friday evening and
meetup with other supporters! This is It People! Now Is The Time! We can
turn this thing on it's Head! Get Active for Liberty and
Let's Get Ron in The White House! Were In It To Win It!

Ron Paul rEVOLution 2012
Be A Part of History!