Yahoogroup problem

The same thing has been happening to me. I have complained repeatedly to Yahoo about it. It seems that whenever an email from a group to a person bounces (they claim it has to have been happening for several days, but I don't believe them), they unsubscribe the person from *all* their Yahoogroups.

  This policy is unreasonable and should be changed. If a person is still receiving some of their Yahoogroup emails (something they should be able to check without too much difficulty), Yahoo should assume that messages are being inadvertently rejected as spam due to filters or what-not. In my case, I look through my "junk" email folder carefully before discarding anything. Occasionally I have found a Yahoogroup message got filtered, and I mark it as "Not Junk" and don't bounce it back as I do with the rest of the spam. While it's possible I've missed an occasional message, I think this is a much rarer occurrence than the frequency with which Yahoo unsubscribes me from my groups. The only other answer I can think of is that my Internet Service Provider, Earthlink, is filtering some of the emails as spam before they reach me. But Michael doesn't use Earthlink, and if Earthlink is indeed doing this, then it is affecting *lots* of other people because Earthlink is I think something like the fourth-largest ISP, and Yahoo should act accordingly and stop inconveniencing individuals.

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P.S. to Yahoo - Please note that I have had to manually delete the advertising spam that you have started inserting as sidebars to each message posted on Yahoogroups. These sidebars have screwed up the formatting of my emails (I use Mail for Mac 10.4), and it is a real pain. Please stop using them! Stuff like this is reducing the value of Yahoogroups to those of us who use them.

I, too, have had this problem (where Yahoo groups stops sending you your emails because of an alleged "bounce" history).

I agree with Starchild that Yahoo should not be so quick to pull the trigger. It is really inconvenient. Because of this, I have missed some important meeting invitations.

I have had to change the email account with which I receive Yahoo mail because of this. Unlike Starchild, it is my Earthlink account that is working better for me. On another service, I could not stop the occasional bounced message, and then Yahoo would disable all the groups I was subscribed to using that service.

Rob is onto something. Once you whitelist, Earthlink will pass those mails through, and Yahoo will not turn off your mail (at least not so often).

Perhaps if enough of us complain, Yahoo will get the message :wink:


I wish there were better choices. I can't say I have a great deal of confidence in a huge company like Google providing very good service either. Maybe if a whole bunch of libertarian list-owners got together and threatened to move at once, Yahoo could be pressured, or Google enticed, to offer better service than they might otherwise. I'm not keen on taking the time to try to organize such an effort though.

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