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Since politicians?have no shame and believe their constituents have a gnat's attention span and intelligence, I predict that?within the next five-to-ten years the politicians and bureaucrats that created the ban on new fast-food restaurants in South Los Angeles will publicly state that racist-business practices?created the shortage of restaurants and restaurant jobs?that will exist in South Los Angeles. Look for Rep. Waters, Rep. Pelosi, and Rev. Jackson to lead the charge.

I recently came up with the idea of watching movies and television shows that were filmed in San Francisco in past decades. My purpose for watching these movies, aside from entertainment, was to see a visual record of how San Francisco has changed through the years. It's interesting to see all the Mom-and-Pop gasoline/service stations that existed in the various San Francisco neighborhoods at the time of the original "Dirty Harry" movie (1971)?and "Streets of San Francisco" television show (1972) and to compare that abundance with the near extinction?of Mom-and-Pop gasoline/service stations in those same neighborhoods today. In addition to gasoline taxes and taxes in general, I hold San Francisco's anti-business, anti-human, "green" laws responsible for local Mom-and-Pop gasoline/service stations' existence on the endangered-species list.

My point in mentioning this?historical?record of San Francisco is that it shows us the long term, metastasizing effect of government "solutions." If government (federal, state & local)?isn't soon stopped,?small businesses and family businesses?will soon cease to exist in urban areas?within California. Same for the rest of America.


Donald Fields