I just threw together a website for my campaign. Early feedback would be welcomed,
but it's just a start.


That's a very good start. Better than my first page. Fortunately,
Kai helped me improve mine after a few weeks. I see you're using a
color scheme similar to Mike Denny's page. That's good, but also
note that many of the Democrats who get elected again and again have
abandoned the old red, white, and blue. Here's the archived version
of www.robpower.org where you can see how Kai kept the site patriotic
but nudged the color scheme away from the primary colors.


Even the flag is bordering on pink and purple instead of red and
blue. Unfortunately, in San Francisco, where anti-Americanism is the
fad, the bright primary colors red and blue are a vote killer.
Notice how Gavin Newsom adopted "corporate" red and blue?


My company went through this a little more than a year ago.
Apparently, the phsychological impact of darker, more muted, versions
of primary colors seems more stable and responsible. Even IBM
changed from light blue to navy blue for this reason a while back.

Anyway, great start!


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