- Rivkin and Grossman: Sandra Day O'Connor v. the People

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On merit selection vs judicial elections

LOL. These guys still hate her for defending Roe. You'll not find anything
complimentary about her from either of them at any time in the past 30
years. This is just their most recent excuse to bash her.

She's right. Elected judges are a serious threat to the Constitution.

Thanks, Francoise. The bad news is that O'Connor will be hounded down for exercising her citizen's rights (she is no longer a judge. Duh!!) The good news is that young folks get her. About a year ago, she spoke at my daughter's school (in honor of her husband who graduated from St. Ignatius). My daughter who attended the event said that was a highlight in her life experience; and judging by the outpouring of admiration from other attendees so it was for other young people.