- Paper or Plastic? A Lawyer's Answer Sends Him From Hero to Pariah

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OOOPS! But now we're stuck with it.....

Do we have a per-bag charge for paper bags in SF? I know I get a credit
when I bring my own bags to Whole Foods, but that's not removing a bag tax,
but rather reducing my grocery charge isn't it?

While we can oppose all such regulation from a libertarian standpoint that
free market pressures work better than government mandates, we should be
careful about attacking SF's plastic bag ban for increasing greenhouse
gases, because SF simply would also start charging the per-bag fee for
paper, which is what the other cities did when they got sued over the
environmental impact of paper bags, to decrease the use of paper bags in
favor of reusable bags to a large enough extent to offset the
higher-greenhouse-gas-per-bag for paper.

Of course, I assume everyone here knows what the reusable bags are made of.
Plastic, of course. And they aren't recyclable in San Francisco. You have
to mail them to Chico. I
wonder what the carbon footprint of mailing grocery bags 200 miles is. :slight_smile:

BTW, my ChicoBag has the Commonwealth Club logo on it. Smug alert!


Coincidentally, the customer ahead of us at Lucky's today asked if there was a charge for paper. The checker said no, and added that the charge if any is imposed by individual stores, not The City. At our house, we avoid plastic, shop at Lucky's where there is no charge for paper, and use the Lucky's paper bags for garbage, so we do not have to use plastic garbage bags, and we are re-using the paper.