Would all those who objected at the last meeting to the Police Station meeting location please speak up (and reserve an alternative)?

We're just a few weeks away from our January 9 meeting, which is planned to
be our last meeting at 170 Hawthorne, with the new location in February and
beyond being the Community Room of the Police Station at 461 6th Ave, steps
away from Geary. The location and price are fantastic in my opinion, but
some objected to having our meetings in a police station at all. NOW IS THE
mind the Library, even with its restrictions against food and drink and not
knowing which meeting room we'll be in more than a month in advance. Please
note that since the decision to move to the Richmond Police Station was made
at our October meeting, reconsidering that decision will take a 2/3
majority, so if you don't want to meet at a police station, show up at the
January meeting ON TIME and with friends (dues-paying voting members of LPSF
of course). This is also our officer election meeting. If you didn't
receive a postcard inviting you to the meeting, then our records show that
your membership in LPSF is not current.

Also, note that I still have 170 Hawthorne reserved through our May meeting,
so if we're willing to deal with the various issues (not being able to find
staff to unlock the door until 10 minutes after meeting start time, etc.),
we can keep using the same room for a few more months. But, again, that
takes a 2/3 vote to reconsider at the January 9 meeting, or else we're on
track for moving to the Richmond Police Station on February 13.

Speak now or forever hold your peace. :slight_smile:


FWIW, I'm going to suggest Le Coloniel again:


Also, I'd like to suggest we open voting to all SF party members. Have the meetings decide on the issues and then email members monthly to vote on them online.

Email/online ballots would require a bylaws change, and I've not gotten any
volunteers for the bylaws committee, despite bringing it up at every meeting
for at least the last year.

Thank you for the suggestion of Le Coloniel, but the time for brainstorming
was months ago. Now, what we need is something along the lines of:

"I've called Le Colonial, and they have a meeting room that seats x
available for us on the Second Saturday of every month from 3 to 5. We can
reserve a full year / have to reserve month-to-month. It's free / will cost
us x / will require that we buy x worth of food/drink for a free room."

Unfortunately, without that kind of background work having already been done
on a place, it will not get the votes at the next meeting. This is why
we're on track for the police station -- Ron did the ground work to check
availability/restrictions/cost and brought all of the details to us at a
meeting. And while I support the idea of expanding voting via a bylaws
change, this particular vote will have to be limited to those present at the
Jan 9 meeting.



Dear Rob

At this time of the year I will speak up and say this about that

Peace and Good Will To All

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Ron Getty
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Dear Rob

wasn't Starchild supposed to check out a restaurant place Dr. Edelstein mentioned on Golden Gate where Ron Paul had meet ups??

Ron Getty



Starchild was going to check out the Golden Gate House Vietnamese

Warm regards, Michael

Dear Ron and All,

Me too!! Peace of mind and heart to all!!

At the next meeting I will show up at Hawthorne. And at the next meeting if Rob says we are outathere, I will show up at the Police Station, unless someone says, "We have a reserved space at .... for the meeting."


Dear Marcy

if it is the police station do not forget the paper bag!! LOL

Ron Getty