"Without them, the lawmakers and politicians are powerless"

The people choose who the bosses are, for the military and police. All responsibility for who and what the military and police are, is in the hands of the people's choice.??John F. Bechtol;707-623-6005------ Original message------From: Starchild sfdreamer@... [lpsf-discuss]Date: Wed, May 29, 2019 6:16 AMTo: Liberty Volunteers;Bay Area Patriots;LPSF Discussion List;LPSF Meetup;Cc: Subject:[lpsf-discuss] "Without them, the lawmakers and politicians are powerless"

        Those in uniform who really are the exceptions, who serve the people rather than the governments, will know how to take Eric July's words below calling out the others.?? How could someone who is himself filled with a genuine commitment to defend the rights and freedoms of the public, rather than to enforce the will of the politicians to violate those rights and restrict those freedoms, not perceive how the rules, operation, and priorities of the institution that employs him conform to the interests of government power rather than to the interests of the people? Would he not perceive how most of his colleagues appear to go along with this agenda, so that he feels compelled to keep his true opinions carefully hidden or risk losing his job??? There are not enough of you now, but someday I hope there will be. Stay strong, and be watchful for an opportunity when you can stand up and really make a difference, so that ??your heroic ??sacrifice will not be in vain. Remember the heroes like Edward Snowden who have gone before you.Love & Liberty,((( starchild )))Without Them, the Lawmakers and Politicians are Powerless???Law enforcement and military folk are not inherently good men.??They are the front lines… they are the teeth of the State. Without them, the??lawmakers and politicians are powerless.??So every unjust law they enforce or??every war crime they carry out, is on them. We'd live in a much??freer society??if the true mission of the vast majority of the military and law enforcers, was??to serve and protect ???the people'. ???The people' they??actually serve and protect??are the people they take the orders from. This is not anything worth admiring.??In my personal experience, when this reality is brought up there??are those that will say they are just doing their jobs; it???s the lawmakers or??the??fault of the politician. If we accept this to be true, this only confirms??the notion that they are not worthy of admiration or praise. No matter what??they???ve claimed to ???sacrifice???, you???re admitting they actually serve their??superiors and will do exactly what they???re told.??Of course, rarely do military folk, law enforcement officers, or??their families want to face this harsh reality ; they think they are the??exception. This??is why they will shift the blame to others such as the??lawmakers and courts. This becomes so obvious when they are so arrogant to??suggest??that individuals within their ???country??? are dependent on them. But if??there were that many exception, these issues would either cease to exist or??they would be greatly reduced. People that expose the government???s crimes would??not be detained. People that are in jail for victimless crimes??would not be in??prison.??If there were that many exceptions, they would realize that the??people they take orders from may be the actual criminals. Some people will take??this post as a cop or troop bashing post. Some people wrongfully assume I???m??ridding politicians and such of blame. So, these defenders will??shift the blame??and say things such as ???but these guys do this and that??? as if that somehow??justifies their actions. But no amount of hatred for me??or the others that??point this out??? will change these simple facts.??It is odd how some folks trust these people with so much power,??while refusing to hold them responsible. They are agents of the State.???Eric July (@EricDJuly) on??Twitter, May 2019


Partially the case, not entirely.

The people’s choices are constrained by the cages they’ve been forcibly confined to by the criminal State.

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