Winter Soldier

Dear friends in the press,

It's been exactly thirty-five years since the Winter Soldier
Investigation in 1971 and astonishingly, the emotional and political
fallout from those three days in a Howard Johnson's hotel in Detroit,
Michigan still resonates loudly through today's politics and is strongly
affecting the public's view of the war in Iraq. The resulting film of
the investigation, WINTER SOLDIER, about the war atrocities in Vietnam,
has currently played in over 150 cities across the country and
Milliarium Zero has set May 30th as the release date for the DVD. It has
been described by the critics on it's theatrical re-release as one of
the greatest antiwar films ever created -- and reviled by the right wing
as a pack of lies.

Even two years after John Kerry's failed election and the controversy
with some of the Swift Boat veterans, anger and a sense of betrayal
still linger on both sides. Dr. Kenneth Campbell, a Vietnam veteran who
testified at the Winter Soldier Investigation, is currently suing the
makers of "Stolen Honor" (directed by Carlton Sherwood, produced by
Sinclair Broadcasting) for libel. In retaliation, Carlton Sherwood is
suing John Kerry for remarks criticizing his film.

Very recently, Sherwood's lawyer Robert Clothier has threatened to
subpoena Milliarium Zero to testify about the film.

We at Milliarium Zero feel that WINTER SOLDIER is one of the most
significant things we have done in twenty years of film distribution.
The response from the critics and the audiences around the world
reconfirmed to us the power that cinema still has to change lives and
make a difference. *So! if you want to judge for yourself and see a
screener, get more information and stills, email me at
**winterfilm@… <mailto:winterfilm@…> or give me a call!

*The trailer for WINTER SOLDIER can be seen at

_Very truly yours,
Dennis Doros
Milestone Film & Video / Milliarium Zero
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*Milliarium Zero Announces the
DVD Premiere of Acclaimed Documentary
**Winter Soldier
*They risked everything to tell the truth.

*Deluxe DVD Edition of the Landmark 1972 film features Vietnam Veterans
Against the War
including Scott Camil, Rusty Sachs, Ken Campbell, John Kerry and Joe Bangert
*Street Date: May 30, 2006


"Dazzling! An eloquent, unforgettable tale of profound moral reckoning.
Everyone should see Winter Soldier!" - Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

“A live hand grenade brought home from a distant battlefield.”
- David M. Halbfinger, New York Times

“Winter Soldier … should be a voter registration requirement!”
- Michael Atkinson, Village Voice

“One of the most devastating antiwar films ever made! …
A testament to those who had the bravery to speak out and speak up.”
- David Fear, Time Out New York

January 31, 1971. More than 125 Vietnam veterans, representing every
major combat unit to see action in the war, gathered at a Howard
Johnson's hotel in Detroit to heal a nation … and themselves. They
risked everything - their careers, their friendships and their families
- to talk about the atrocities they had committed or witnessed in the
presence of officers while stationed in Vietnam. These veterans saw
themselves as winter soldiers battling against the wrongs of the war and
the brutal training that had made them capable of unthinkable violence.
Eighteen filmmakers calling themselves the Winterfilm Collective -
including Barbara Kopple (Harlan County, USA), Robert Fiore (Pumping
Iron) and Lucy Massie Phenix (You Got to Move) - captured this
extraordinary event. Rarely seen since its 1972 Cannes premiere, Winter
Soldier has been called one of the most powerful antiwar films ever made
and remains to this day a remarkable plea for peace.

Dennis Doros and Amy Heller, co-founders of Milestone Films, recently
formed Milliarium Zero to acquire and distribute films of strong
political and social content. Milliarium Zero's first DVD release is
Winter Soldier. Milliarium Zero translates to "zero milepost." In the
US, this official landmark is located opposite the White House.

*A Conversation with the Filmmakers (18 minutes)
Seasoned Veteran: The Journey of a Winter Soldier (40 minutes)
Americal Division (23 minutes)
First Marine Division (18 minutes)
Song: “Oh! Camil” by Graham Nash
Theatrical trailer
“The Winter Soldier Files” 1500 pages downloadable on DVD-Rom
(Adobe®Acrobat®Reader® Required.)
Stills Gallery from the original negatives of VVAW photographer Sheldon
Closed Captioning.
German and French subtitles.

WINTER SOLDIER. A film by Fred Aronow, Nancy Baker, Joe Bangert, Rhetta
Barron, Robert Fiore, David Gillis, David Grubin, Jeff Holstein, Barbara
Jarvis, Al Kaupas, Barbara Kopple, Mark Lenix, Michael Lesser, Lee
Osborne, Lucy Massie Phenix, Roger Phenix, Benay Rubenstein and Michael
Weil. With John Kerry, Scott Camill, Rusty Sachs, Ken Campbell & the
Vietnam Veterans Against the War. 95 minutes. B&W and color. Contains
Adult Content. 1972. ©1972 Winterfilm Collective. Special Bonus Material
and Artwork: © 2006 Milliarium Zero. Not Rated. *Retail price: $24.95.
UPC Code: 784148010045. Order number: Mile 00100. ISBN Number:
1-56730-437-0. Distributed to wholesalers and retail outlets by New
Yorker Video.*

For more information, stills or screeners, contact:
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