Will We See a Commission on War Crimes?

The US media rats are trying to downplay the release this week of a memo detailing 'approved' torture methods signed by Bush Administration officials (who for years denied this was going on). It's hard to imagine that, after what the Framers of the Constitution experienced under the British 'justice' system, that 200+ years later we'd have a 'justice' system that arguably exceeds in its corruption and brutality what it replaces. Nonetheless, the punditocracy is sneering at the memo and actually complaining that domestic 'criminals' aren't given the same treatment.

The foreign press, however, isn't so compliant; and there are more than a few calls to begin prosecutions for war crimes. The United States, however, is not a signatory to these international treaties, so even if indictments were handed out, little would come of them.

However, the US Congress does possess the power to convene a War Crimes Commission, and it should be done. The pundits are arguing that it's against presidential protocol to attack a previous administration, but I think it's more than obvious that it is justified now. The Bush Administration has shown more than pattern of poor political decisions; they have shown a clear and consistent pattern of willful and flagrant violations of both American and International law. It is time they were held accountable.