Will Libertarians Stand Up Against Iran War??

We all know too many libertarians have fallen for neoconservative propaganda since 9-11 -- even though these very same neocons predicted it would take a "new Pearl Harbor" to mobilize Americans to get behind an aggressive foreign policy. Iraq was first, Iran is next -- but Iran is NOT Iraq and warring against it could destroy the US economy and even spiral out of control to world nuclear war with Iran's new allies, Russia and China. (More details below.)

Libertarians, stand up against this coming war:
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The U.S. wants to control Arab and Muslim oil and make big profits for military and other well-connected contractors. Israel and its powerful American lobbies and leaders want to crush a potential challenge to Israel�s possession of stolen Arab lands. Tens of millions of American Christian Zionists support Israeli expansionism because they believe it will bring Armageddon and the return of Jesus. See maps.
FOR THESE REASONS THE U.S. PLANS WAR AGAINST IRAN, EITHER FOLLOWING ISRAEL'S LEAD OR LEADING THE WAY. This page serves as a networking point for individuals and groups that want to oppose this war and provides ample evidence Bush and his neoconservative allies plan a dangerous war, without the knowledge or approval of the American people:
* Bush announced in his first state of the Union Address in January 2002 that Iran was part of the "Axis of Evil" and therefore a potential target of U.S. pre-emptive action. Since then there have been constant threats and counter threats among the U.S., Israel and Iran.
* Israel fears that if it obtained nuclear weapons it could undercut the U.S. support for Israel's 57 year occupation of Palestinian lands.
* The FBI is investigating as many as six Israeli spies in the Bush administration who are believed to be passing classified information to Israel.
* Iranian exiles, some involved in a cultish political group on the US terrorist list, are providing Bush and the neocons with constant allegations that Iran plans to build nuclear weapons, just like the questionable and fraudulent claims from Iraqi exiles in 2003.
* In January of 2005 President George Bush effectively gave Israel the green light to attack Iran�s nuclear facilities if it rejected the results of negotiations to curb Iran�s nuclear power program. When asked if he would back an Israeli attack, Bush said: �...Israel is our ally, and in that we've made a very strong commitment to support Israel, we will support Israel if her security is threatened." Of course, he may also initiate his own attack.
* Bush condones an attack which most Americans oppose, without a formal treaty with Israel or congressional authorization. Mid-2005 is the anticipated time of attack for political and strategic reasons.
* Bush undermines the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Euopean attempts to negotiate with Iran to discourage it from producing nuclear weapons, claiming the US has the right to forbid any nation the current right to peaceful nuclear power programs, no matter how thoroughly it complies with IAEA regulations.
* Bush has appointed John Bolton to the United Nations to bully the UN into approving war on Iran--or to denounce it as irrelevant if it does not.
* Russia and China have made new nuclear, trade and political alliances with Iran which ups the ante of any conflict.
* Bush disregards the many negative scenarios that could result from an attack on Iran. Iranian officials' highly credible threats to retaliate with accurate, long range, high explosive missiles against Israel�s nuclear plant and cities and US bases and troops in Iraq, to deploy millions of troops and enter Iraq, and to cut off much of the world�s oil which comes through the Straight of Hormuz. Iran also could attack oil facilities around the Persian Gulf and sink US ships within range of its powerful anti-ship missiles.
* Bush probably will use any Iranian retaliation as a "new Pearl Harbor" to whip up Americans to a war fury, impose a military draft on young men and women, and deprive war opponents of their civil liberties.
* Feared or actual Iranian attacks on oil facilities or the Straight of Hormuz and any ongoing battles would cut off much of the area's oil for weeks or months, driving the price of oil sky-high and devastating the world economy.
* Russia and China already are considering switching from using the U.S. dollar to using the Eurodollar for trade, something which could so undermine the US dollar that the government could no longer subsidize the US debt, the US would lose big overseas investors, interest rates would rise, and prices of imported and even domestic goods could double or triple -- even as the housing bubble burst -- impoverishing most Americans.
* Bush - and Israel's leaders - have made clear their willingness to use nuclear weapons to retaliate against attacks on their military facilities or troops -- perhaps despite any threats from Iran's new allies Russia and China, or Pakistani radicals who could take over its nuclear weapons. Escalation to world nuclear war is possible, a war Americans never imagined and never voted for.
All these issues are covered in detail in the Iran war sections of this web page:PRO-WAR POLICIES & ANTI-WAR VIEWS --- US UNDERMINES NON-PROLIFERATION REGIME --- ACCUSATIONS AND THREATS -- IRAN WAR SCENARIOS --- MAPS