Why You Should Feel Safer While You Sleep - Un Hunh! D'OH!

Dear Everyone;
  Read this article which appeared in the Chronicle and see if it makes you feel safer at night knowing that we are being protected by such morons.
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian
  Richmond Blowout:
  FBI agents didn't just pop bad guys during that big raid on a North Richmond gang -- they popped a couple dozen of their own tires as well.
  Point Richmond resident George Martin says he and his wife were taking an early morning stroll through the neighborhood Tuesday when they ran across the feds and sheriff's deputies packing up in the parking lot at Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline, which they had used as their staging area.
  Martin and his wife noticed a line of tow trucks -- and no fewer than five law enforcement vehicles with multiple flat tires.
  Seems that in their predawn haste, a number of out-of-town FBI agents sped into the parking lot, either ignoring or unaware of the "Exit Only'' sign -- and promptly rolled over spring-loaded spikes meant to deter wrong-way drivers.
  "One FBI agent told us he heard they had lost 25 tires, but I suspect it was a few more,'' Martin said.
  FBI spokeswoman LaRae Quy would confirm only that an unspecified number of agents did wind up with flat tires, pointing out that "it was dark and it was raining.''
  As for reports from law enforcement insiders that a flatbed truck carrying an armored SWAT vehicle -- deployed from Sacramento -- might have gotten snagged as well?
  "We are not going to comment on any damage to our vehicles,'' said Sacramento FBI agent Karen Ernst. �I think it's ridiculous to focus on any problems.''