Why The Taliban Are Winning In Afghanistan

Dear All;

A very well done article of what it is like on the Taliban side of Afghanistan. It provides the understanding needed to realize if you didb not already know so that Hamid Karzai is the President of Kabul but NOT the President of Afghanistan.

It also shows why the US due to the hubris of Bush and Rumsfield and Cheney blew it in Afghanistan after royally beating the Taliban because they became fixated on Iraq. Just like they blew capturing Osama bin Laden.

The US needs to face up to the fact no one has ever subdued Afghanistan from Alexander the Great to Xerxes I and II to The Royal Imperial British Army to the Russian Army.

The war on Afghanistan is contributing to our daily increasing deficit to needless deaths and wounding of both military and civilians. Do what Nixon did with Vietnam. Declare victory and bug out. Turn Afghanistan back to the drug/war lords and be done with it.

I do have one small proviso to pull the plug on the money the Taliban need or any of the war lords repeal the War On Drugs as this will drop the bottom out of the price on opium and basically cut off a source of needed funds. Unh Hunh - Yeah I know - Fat Chance.

The article is 12 pages long and the best way to read it is to use print function at the top of the article but don't actually print out it then becomes one long page unless you do want to print out.

Two key phrases from the article are memorable.

One Taliban said: "The Russians were stronger than the Americans," he says. "More fierce. We will put the Americans in their graves."

Another said: "You Westerners have your watches," the leader observed. "But we Taliban have time."

Our time in Afghanistan has run out - now get our troops out!!!


http://snipurl.com/4jtwa [www_rollingstone_com]

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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