Why Do You Pay More Than Others At The Same Store?!

I have read so many recommendations and counters on the savings programs at
http://grocerypriceslash.com that my head is spinning! Let me give you some
inside information on this program. In March of 1981 my husband Ralph was hired
by this company and worked as a customer service rep. In August 1992 he was
promoted to Senior Operations Manager at this company's fulfillment center.
He retired in 2006. The company was a great place to work and their volume
of sales is so high that they operate a separate 12,000 square foot facility
dedicated to fulfilling orders. But what really matters the most is the quality
and effectiveness of their products. We began using their savings system back
in 1981 and the extraordinary savings on food, dining out, general merchandise,
non food items and on and on has been a financial lifesaver! Prior to that
time we tried every savings system on the market as you can imagine many were
worthless and some were very good, but I never found anything that comes close
to the savings you get with this program. Through the years everyone I know
from family to casual friends have joined this program to reap its savings
rewards. I just felt I had to share my own personal inside look with you.

Maryann Peters

Dear Maryann,

This is a political discussion board, so I am wondering how your post relates to that genre. We would love to hear your thoughts on political issues, especially if you can relate to Libertarian principles.


Marcy Berry

Note that Maryanne Peters uses the same email address as Arlene Seyers. Neither of these are real people, but the pseudonyms of a particularly annoying spambot. Rather than replying to non-human entities, I'd suggest whoever manages your yahoo group simply block messages from that address to prevent any further annoying off-topic spam.



  I sent Marcy a message suggesting the same thing, but I sent it to her privately. But you well may be right that the poster isn't even human. If so they're getting pretty sophisticated! Remember she/it wrote back when Leticia questioned its/her previous post. We'll see whether she/it responds to this post, since I deleted the thread content and avoided even using the S-word. If we get a response to this message, I think we're dealing with an actual human. :slight_smile:

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This is interesting -- I don't remember getting that message back to my message . . . . has anyone done a zabasearch for Maryanne Peters?

Dear All,

I placed Arlene/Maryann on "moderated" as soon as I saw her post -- giving her the benefit of the doubt for a little while longer.