Why Did Obma Win? A Marketing Master Tells How Obama Won

Dear All;

This is an article from a web site I subscribe to run by a very good sales marketing advertising person. These are his thoughts on why Obama won. Guess what a Libertarian should do to win when coming from out of nowhere like Obama regardless of the elective office they are running for whether local or statewide or nationally. Copy cat!!

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Well, he won, like I thought he would. As a diehard conservative, I'm surprised by my reaction which is I'm okay with it. I have an "Let's see what he can do" attitude.

But how did he win?

Let's set aside the fact that he went back out on one of his promises not to take public financing - and did so to the tune of 600 million dollars (while McCain kept his promise and only had $86 million).

Let's set aside the fact that we have an EXTREMELY unpopular President, the media bias toward Obama was immense (this isn't conjecture, it is fact based upon independent
analysis), the collapse of the financial markets couldn't have happened at a worse time for McCain, and other such factors.

All those things added together definitely helped Obama win but those were not the reasons he won. He won with superior marketing and a well crafted public persona.

Obama's team developed a multi-faceted integrated marketing campaign which included, speaking, television, radio, direct mail and social media. (As an aside, some Internet marketing
geeks are claiming that he won because of social media. Um, no. Sure, it helped but it amounted to a drop in a bucket compared to impact that traditional media had.)

Obama also out spent McCain by as much as five to one in some states. He did what I have been teaching for years. Namely, the business owner who is willing to spend the most money to acquire a customer - wins.

Finally, his public persona was honed to perfection. (I am not implying that who is projected in public isn't who he is in real life but he was extensively coached and molded as ALL candidates are.)

Obama understood that becoming president is as much about your personality as it is your policies. It's the same as in Passion Into Profits type of businesses. The content is important but the personality behind the content is even more important.

So do I really think he "stole" the election? Not at all. (But it was a good subject line!) President Elect Obama won fair and square. And, whether you like him or not, he deserves an immense amount of respect for what he accomplished and what he had to overcome to become the most
powerful man in the world.

As marketers, we can learn a lot from him.