Why Can’t We Party Like Its 1905?

Why Can't We Party Like Its 1905?
By Paul Rosenberg
Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When writing historical things, I try to include perspective from people who actually lived through the events. And for money issues in the U.S., I'm able to do that back to about 1905.

So, do you think life was nasty, brutish, and short in 1905? That there were poor and starving people falling dead on every street corner?


The Wright brothers were flying for 30 minutes at a crack; Einstein was upgrading the laws of physics; telephones and electric lights were being installed all across America; Henry Ford was getting the final pieces in place for his moving assembly line and Model T; radio was being developed; art was flourishing; and the world was more or less at peace.

Sure, we have far more tech and better medicine now, but mostly because the people of earlier times (like the 1905 era) gifted it to us.

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