Why Bernanke Is In Panic Mode

Now may be the right time to go to http://www.veribanc.com/ which is a private sector bank analysis company.

The present banking system w/Federal Reserve controls is,
by its' nature risky.
The banks Too Big Too Fail were the ones bailed out: they ARE insolvent.
I hope Dr Paul's audit passes, but it would take about a year to begin.
Use veribanc NOW, and you'll be feeling better.

I'm not promoting these folks or getting a commission or any other such thing.

But one's ability to have the time for political activisim is tied to some modicum
of leisure.

Read Dr. North's essay below and think on this.

I hope this helps. I hope I'm wrong.

your most faithful and obedient servant

Alan Turin
Hollywood, FLAlan Turin