Why Be A Libertarian?

Dear All;

Murray Rothbard wrote this as part of his
book Egalitarianism As a Revolt Against Nature.
Lew Rockwell reprinted for Tuesday's publication.
It's Chapter 15 from the book and well worth
reading - again and again and again. It should
be required reading for all LP national members
and those who would turn the Libertarian Party
into a Republican-light party or use the
Libertarian party as a platform for self-
aggrandizement or gut the party platform
to be less radical so as to appeal to a broader base.

Go ahead read it - it won't hurt you - it may
make you wince when you consider some
of your actions words or even deeds
as being way too non-Libertarian.

Go ahead take the chance go for it -
become a Libertarian in thought word
and deed.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Why Be Libertarian?
Murray Rothbard

Why be libertarian, anyway? By this we mean,
what's the point of the whole thing? Why engage
in a deep and lifelong commitment to the principle
and the goal of individual liberty? For such a
commitment, in our largely unfree world,
means inevitably a radical disagreement with,
and alienation from, the status quo, an alienation
which equally inevitably imposes many sacrifices
in money and prestige. When life is short
and the moment of victory far in the future,
why go through all this?