Who wants to take media calls for comment?

I just had a conversation with Carol Feineman, editor of the City
Star (neighborhood newspaper). I encouraged her to have reporters
call us for quotes on stories, and she asked me to send her some
contacts. I've got myself and Rob (as local chair) listed, and am
also going to include at least one contact each for the state and
national LP; if anyone else on this list would like to potentially be
called to comment for articles, please let me know by this time
tomorrow afternoon and send me the phone number and email address
you'd like used. I will probably send the list to other media outlets
as well.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))


If you'd like an immediatist-abolitionist-free market anarchist
(that's me) issuing comments to the press, by all means give them my
contact info.

Phone: 415-673-2848
Email: DrEdelstein@ThreeMinuteTherapy.com

Best, Michael