Who Really Pays The Most Taxes??

Dear All;

This is a quote from an article about taxes and
who pays them. By continually brandishing the
myth Dear Leader and his minions are fooling
the hoi polloi who will suck up to the message
as they are the ones who in fact are the ones NOT
paying any taxes and are enjoying the largesse of
those who are paying the taxes.

As Ayn Rand put it so nicely in Atlas Shrugged -
Looters and Moochers vs. the Producers and Strikers.

From the article:

A mainstay of class war is the propaganda that
"the rich don’t pay taxes." This myth lives on despite
the annual release of IRS data that proves the contrary.


In 2006, the most recent year for which data is
available, Americans whose tax returns placed
them in the top 1 percent earned 22.1 percent
of adjusted gross income and paid 39.9 percent
of all federal individual income taxes.

The top 5 percent, defined as rich by President
Obama, paid 60.1 percent of all federal individual
income taxes. The top 10 percent paid 71 percent.

Those Americans whose earnings placed them in
the bottom half of the income distribution paid
less than 3 percent of the individual income tax collected.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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