Who Didn't Like Prop D

Dear SFBG,

Matthew Hirsch's representation of our interview in the article ''Who
Didn't Like Prop D'' contains significant errors.

Hirsch said the only reason "Denny decided to publicly opposed the (Prop
D) campaign was that the "Small Business Network, of which he is a
member, shut him out of its mayoral debate."

First of all, I am not a member of the Small Business Network. I am a
member of the steering committee of the Small Business Advocates (SBA),
the organization that worked with the Board of Supervisors to bring Prop
D to the ballot. Many SBA members are also members of the Small Business

Also, it was widely known among both organizations that my lack of
support precluded the decision to come out formally against D as I felt
the public should not be asked to fund the commission to the tune of
$500,000 per year. I also didn't think the interests of the small
business community would be best served by a commission staffed with
political appointees, whether made by the Mayor or Supervisors. From the
beginning, I felt the small business community would get much more from
the commission if they funded and staffed it themselves. These points
were all made in my ballot argument against D.

Hirsch continues, "Denny opined that the secret No on D opposition came
from Sup. Gavin Newsom.". This is also a misrepresentation of our
interview. However, I did say that it was interesting that the
organizations that came out against D were all Newsom supporters and
that there was a consistent pattern in their reason for rejecting D,
that it would weaken the power of the mayor and politicize the
commission by introducing the Supervisors. This reasoning was also used
by these same individuals and organizations as the reason to reject H.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify my interview with Mr. Hirsch. I
ask that this statement be published in your next issue.


Michael F. Denny

Former Libertarian Candidate for San Francisco Mayor

Ph: (415) 986-7677 x123

Fax: (415) 986-4004