Who Controls CA LP and Why Do they Do It??...Chuck Muth, friend or foe? was: Blue State/county secession an opportunity for libertarians

David Terry wrote:

Bruce Cohen writes:

< Let's go over David's letter together, shall we?
< He doesn't really make a point on his own, but quotes Chuck and others a few times.

Bruce, you aren't stupid, but your clumsy attempt at disingenuousness is insipid.

For those who criticized David from bringing up the "Zionist" issue in relation to why the CA LP 2005 Convention has invited right wing and even anti-LP people, see these two posts from the Jewish Libertarians. One by Bruce opines that pro-Israel Jews and Non-Jews dominate the LP CA and another by Scott Shore opines that any third party NOT dominated by Jews will inevitably become anti-semitic.


That sounds right and it's my impression that most of the ones I know are also strongly pro-democracy, in the sense that people that live in a nation should either have the right to vote, or the right to secede and form a nation in with they can vote. In this sense, they may be strongly pro-Palistine if they see the two state solution as the most realistic option.

-- Steve