While we were busy discussing graffiti

Over the past 2 weeks, M-3 was boosted an amazing $81.9 billion, for an annualized rate of growth of 20.7 percent! Of course, the Fed. just stopped publishing the M-3 number this week.

I admit that this two week period was exceptional. Nevertheless, it would be surprising if M-3 doesn't grow $1T this year.


Does anybody else like the idea
of taking our tax protest to a
new and different place this
year: On the sidewalk in front of
the San Francisco Federal
Reserve Building on Market and
Front Streets, next to the south
east entrances to the
Embarcadero Station. This may
be considered newsworthy.
Inflation, the hidden tax. Free
the M3. Fed=reverse robin
hood. Dollar = 2cents. Where's
the Gold... Faith Based Money...
In god We Trust...Helicopter
Ben...Poor get Poorer.Fed pays

Maybe it's the point, but I'm pretty sure we would be asked to move and if we didn't we'd quickly be arrested.

-- Steve

It would be interesting to try
to get a permit for a protest
in front of the Fed. If it was
denied, that would get more
publicity than any protest we
could mount, as the last I
checked, the Freedom to
Assemble and bring forth
greivances did not exclude
the Federal Reserve Bank.
Anyone know how to apply
for a permit. Anyone
intersted if I get one.

incidently, The last m3
report was a few days ago.
Perhaps this is part of what
ignited Gold.

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