Where Have all the Flowers Gone? by Cindy Sheehan

"President Obama leads a racist imperialist system whose failure is obvious and cannot be reformed. It can only survive with the exploitation of people here and rape of people abroad. The conditions of our people have not changed." Sobukwe Shakura of the All African People's Revolutionary Party

Will the "All African Revolutionary Party" help us?

I think it is possible that the Progressives and Libertarians can form an effective coalition against crony capitalist banksterism. The dangers of sleeping with the leftists are obvious, but so are the advantages. Just look at the Progressive support for HR 1207 , Audit the Fed. Florida Democrat Alan Greyson is the best example. A trial lawyer like attack dog, he obliterates the Fed shills while Dr. Paul is way too polite. Greyson said it best when he asked words to the effect, Can Democracy exist alongside secrecy?

1207 now has over three hundred co sponsors.

I just posted Cindy's link in my Facebook, with the comment that I know she is a liberal but she is exposing the war machine and she is dealing with the passe paradigm of "left/right".