What Would You Do If Bush Declared Martial Law?

Dear Eric;

So then - if Bush declared martial law and told Commandant and US Marines to round up all Libertarians in the US because they were fierce lovers of liberty and send them to FEMA concentration camps - we would see you outside the barbed wire pointing a bayoneted rifle at us or manning a machine gun sentry tower - because that was what the Commandant and the US Marines were told to do - Right?

What will it be - Liberty or FEMA concentration camp commandant - manning the Liberty barricades against attacking troops or being with the attacking troops - ringing the Liberty Bell or melting the Liberty Bell to make bullets?

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian
BTW: Do Marines still screw their helmets on? At least the Marines should be grateful for the Navy - the Marines get to fill all those shipboard positions as sea-going bell hops..... :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: