What positions would you like to see?

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My campaign site at <URL: http://www.lpsf.org/maden04/ > could be called
done for its first version.

Thanks to those who made content suggestions, and thanks to Steve Dekorte
and Brady Frey for help with Mac formatting problems.

I have position papers up for my top three priorities: accountability, tax
credits, and a part-time legislature.

What other issues would you like to see me address?

Please bear in mind that this site is not intended to convince LP members
to vote for me, but (a) to reach libertarian voters who may not be aware
they're libertarian, and (b) to convince non-libertarians that my proposals
will be better for them than business as usual.

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Chris Maden, Libertarian for California State Assembly
District 12, San Francisco, 2004
<URL: http://www.lpsf.org/maden04/ > * (415) 759-9127
Individual Freedom - Personal Responsibility - Prosperity for All