[West Coast Libertarians] Re: [Libertarian] "Support Israel" Hospitality Suite at CA Convention

Hmmm, just joined this list to post the one or two a month posts of national interest and the occassional of regional interst and noted Bruce has been spreading innaccurate information about me.
> [West Coast Libertarians] Re: [Libertarian] "Support Israel" Hospitality Suite at CA ConventionMike,
> I stand by my statement.
> Carol is full of venom and hatred.
> She's even causing herself health problems from it.
> Tonight, when I took a call from Marianne Volpe, one of Gary Nolan's
> campaign team, Carol just had a bit of a tantrum and hung up on her.

**Marianne -- who probably won't appreciate having private conversations bantered about -- told me she had just been talking to you, Bruce, and then went into a rant where she repeatedly predicted that that if the Muslims didn't stop threatening Israel or ever attacked America everyone of them would be destroyed I really found the conversation to be unbearable and hung up. She said Rumsfeld would do it but she didn't sound too displeased and I could not talk her down from the rant.
       This is the first time I ever heard her saying anything so crazy and frankly couldn't deal with it, told her so, and hung up. I had just spent the day putting together photos taken off of two nuclear war movies and really wasn't in the mood for what sounded like nuclear annihilation -- or for people telling me that massive nuclear attacks against middle east nations would not end up in world nuclear war -- the point of my web page. http://www.carolmoore.net/nuclearwar (It includes a long list of Israeli nuclear threats and blackmail, still underconstruction.) I think it is unfortunate you are having such a negative psychological affect on her.
        Otherwise I refuse any more to argue with people who use false facts and arguments and scream adhominens. See my article, originally published in Libertyforall.net IS APPLYING LIBERTARIAN PRINCIPLES TO ISRAEL ANTI-SEMITIC? http://carolmoore.net/libertarianparty/principlesandisrael.html

1. I am curious, if you are NOT anti-Semitic, then why are you going into so
much trouble creating an anti-Israel website & writing long articles about the

2. Who elected you to talk on behalf of the 'majority' (saw your article)?

3. Stop belittling Israel's right to self-defence.

4. Stop your condescending attitude towards Marianne. Your labels like 'rant'
are a perfect example of how much you listened to the other side's view point.
Perhaps you need an elementary college course in critical thinking in order to
lern the proper debating techniques. This attitude toward Marianne helps me
understand that you are the type that only likes to listen to herself.

5. You accuse Bruce of 'influencing' Marianne? Have you ever heard of the
freedom of association? Did it ever occur to you that two people might aggree
on some ideas that are not necessarily your world view? Or, perhaps you
assume that everyone is like you: falls for propaganda & soundbites?

6. You don't speak English. You speak 'sound bites'. The arguments you use
are not your own, your head is filled with quick soundbites that heard or saw
somewhere in print. When one is not informed and has no own opinion on the
subject, the propaganda slogans turn one into a true believer.

I suppose it dosen't matter that Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East
where arabs, arab women are allowed to vote, and all Arab Israelis share the
same freedoms of speech, press, religion and assembly.
I suppose that it dosen't matter that Israel provided homes & Citizenship to
600,000 refugees expelled from the Arab countries.
I suppose it dosen't matter that Israel provided refuge & Citizenship to 350
Homeless Vietnamese desperately seeking political asylum.
I suppose none of this or other facts matter.
You are prepared to end the existence of the only and the oldest democracy
in the Middle East.
Your mind is made-up.
Congratulations! You have been brainwashed successfully!

Hmmm, just joined this list to post the one or two a month posts of national

interest and the occassional of regional interst and noted