Werbach at Comm. Club tonight

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There's an interesting talk at the Commonwealth Club tonight. I wish I'd
noticed it sooner - I can't go, but I think it would be of great interest
to libertarians.

Adam Werbach, who was at 23 the youngest president ever of the Sierra Club,
and who was the subject of Chris Daly's controversial mayor-for-a-day PUC
appointment, is speaking on "The Death of the Environmental Movement and
the Birth of the Commons Movement."

He proposes a semi-private approach to conservation: "He suggests that an
emerging commons movement is forging new solution-driven partnerships to
revive public investment and public management, and to provide an
alternative to the market-driven destruction of the commons." Libertarians
may enjoy listening to his proposals, and asking some hard questions. The
event is free.

See <URL: http://www.commonwealthclub.org/mlf.html#werbach >, and an
interview with him at <URL: http://www.alternet.org/election04/20689/ >.

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