Wednesday Political Chat

Hi Kelly,

This is great! Actually, who is the theater in the bigger scheme of things? The closest I can come up with is the government. It raises taxes when it doesn't have make enough money.

- Celine

Hi Everyone,

I went over my limit in space for my e-mals and I
spent an hour clearing the messages out this morning.
I just checked my e-mail again, and I was way over my
limit again. I already paid for and expanded my e-mail
box. Since I can't read everyone's interesting
comments, lets save them for the political chat
tomorrow. It seems as though we should continue the
discussions of tarrifs, free trade, monopolies, etc.
tomorrow. This is something I don't have that much
experience in and am looking forward to learning a lot

I am committing myself to be there tomorrow, along
with my daughter and her boyfriend. Who else can
commit to being there tomorrow? Can't wait to eat some
more Indian food over an enlightening conversation.

Dave Barker