Wednesday Political Chat

Hi Everyone,

This is a reminder about tomorrow's political chat at
the Sheesh Mahal, on Polk St., between Post and
Sutter, from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

Many topics come to mind that I would like to suggest.
I had a stimulating conversation with another LP
member last night for a few hours about the concept of
'Limited Government.' Is this a contradiction of
terms? Have we ever had 'limited government?' Is this
actually possible?

I was also interested in hearing discussion of the US
Supreme Court's Affirmative Action decision.

How about Bush's Prescription Drug Plan that just
passed by 1 vote, with practically every Republican
voting in favor of it? Another excellent example of
Republicans sticking to their principles of 'Limited

I also heard something about another amendment that
will define what 'marriage' means. Sounds like an
excellent idea for the Federal Government to be
involved in!

How about discussing the Constitutionality of how the
President can wage war and send troops into another
country? This topic seems confusing to many people.

I'll just bring my trusty little pocket constitution
from the Cato Institute with me tomorrow night in case
anyone shows up. If not, at least I'll have some good
reading material.

Hope to see some people there tomorrow.

Dave Barker.