"We the People," collective guilt, and Original Sin

Starchild so you're not a believer in the elctorial process?


  I guess it depends what you mean by "a believer." Do I believe in a representative democracy (or republic), in which people are able to vote to elect representatives to public office? Yes. Do I vote religiously myself? Yes (I think I've only missed one election since I've been old enough to vote).

  Do I believe that voting or eligibility to vote confers any moral or legal responsibility on those who vote or are eligible to do so? Not to any significant degree. If I thought otherwise, I would, for instance, have to advocate legal proceedings not just against George Bush for violating the Constitution, but for everyone who voted for him in 2004 when he had already acted unconstitutionally.

  And I strongly believe that if someone votes for the candidate they believe to be the most libertarian person in the race, or abstains from voting out of disgust with all the artificially limited choices offered, he or she cannot be fairly held legally or morally responsible for what the election winners do once in office.

  In short, I believe in individual responsibility, not collective responsibility.

Love & liberty,
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